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Take to the skies
Nab that aerial view

Say hello to the new ‘cool kid’ on the block! Let us take to the skies to nab the birds-eye view of your listing, or perhaps a unique angle or three... Aerial photography gives potential buyers the ability to identify where the property is situated in relation to points of interest, AS WELL as identifying approximate boundaries of the property -- something that one would simply wonder otherwise!

Drone photo

We've created a package for those that simply want drone photography and nothing more. This is ideal for those that want to advertise sections as it allows potential purchasers a chance to see how big the site really is -- instead of just envisioning it! All RE:AERIAL Photo packages incorporate a boundary line edit.


Drone video is also an effective tool to show off sections --especially if they're expansive! Let us create a simple 30 second video showcasing potential buyers around your property, from the air! Please note that this isn't a RE:FILM video, so no special effects will be used.

Which package is right for me?

Give us a call, we'll help identify what package will best suit your property.

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