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Effective real estate marketing material that won’t break the bank.

We are

We specialise in crafting great photographic and filmic content for use in selling your listing. We go the extra mile for our clients and vendors, endeavouring to give personalised, stand-out service that not only exceeds expectations, but also to create a stellar product that achieves your desired goal. The short answer?
We help sell your listing faster.

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Brilliant photography

Professional photography is the building blocks for any successful property marketing campaign. Our professional photographic packages engage specialist techniques, giving you the perfect finished image to tempt potential purchasers to visit.

Aerial flair

Let us take to the skies to nab that lovely birds-eye view of your home. Aerial photography gives potential buyers the ability to identify where the property is situated in relation to points of interest, AS WELL as identifying approximate boundaries of the property -- something that one would simply wonder otherwise!

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What they're saying...

Sue Lemon

LJ HOOKER Waihi Beach

I've contract RE:SHOOT to do a few jobs for me in regards to photographs and videos and they have been very professional in their approach, their work is great and nothing is ever a problem. I would recommend RE:SHOOT to anyone looking for this work to be done.

What they're saying...

Shiree Henderson

Harcourts Waihi BEach

I contacted RE:SHOOT as I heard they were doing real estate photography and drone work. They were very rapid with their response, were reliable, and got the job done. One of the team at RE:SHOOT, without hesitation, also came into our office to make sure that our administration team were up to date with the downloading of photos. I highly recommend them for the job here on in.

What they're saying...


Professionals Waihi BEach

RE:SHOOT has provided a fantastic service for us at Professionals Waihi Beach with photo shoots, drones and videos. When we first discussed doing a video shoot, we were put at ease and went through the process with confidence as the team at RE:SHOOT made us feel very comfortable. Nothing was too much trouble. We would definitely recommend RE:SHOOT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be there for the shoot?

Not at all! On the contrary, it can help our workflow if we are able to just ‘do our thing’ without having to interrupt your day. We’re more than happy to grab the keys off you at your office or at a lockbox - just let us know beforehand.

How Long will the shoot take?

Depending on the amount of services requested and the size of the property, it can range from 20-30 minutes to half a day! The pricing tab will give a breakdown of the timeframes, but please make sure to factor in at least half an hour on top to give us time to set up our gear, plan out our shoot and to let your neighbours know we’re flying a drone (used in all shoots).

How high can you fly the drone?

We are permitted to fly up to 400ft, as we operate under Part 101 of the CAA RPAS rules.

Can you just photoshop out x?

Yes, we can, however there will be an extra cost applied on top, charged out at an flat hourly rate of $50/hr. Best to get it right first time!

how will I be getting the photographs?

Once our photographer shoots and edits the photographs, he or she will upload them to our portfolio collection at clients.reshoot.co.nz. A link will be sent to your email along with a little message, instructions on how to download, and your personal collection pin. Follow the link and the instructions -- once the photos are zipped, they will start to download to your computer. You can then unzip them, and upload them to your MLS. Easy! We’re always on hand to help out when required, too.

Do you list my property on your website or portal?

In a way, we do! We advertise every property we shoot at clients.reshoot.co.nz. This couples as our portfolio. What we don’t do is list your property on an indexable website (such as Open2View’s property portal). If you’re like most agents, you’ll be using either Trade Me Property or Realestate.co.nz (or both), as well as your agency MLS. We truthfully believe that you don’t need to be on every property site to get your listing sold -- you just need to be on the right one! In saying this we do think it's a great idea and a refined version is on the books...

What are your timeframes for delivery?

Our service time-frames are all different. Our RE:PHOTO and RE:AERIAL packages all fall within a two-day working turnaround time, whereas our RE:FILM packages have a five-day working turnaround time.

Who owns the photos?

In a way, paying client and RE:SHOOT both do. When we send you a link with our final, finished photographs, or the final, finished video, we’re giving the client the rights to use the content we’ve created for the purposes of property listing and sale only. If your listing is withdrawn or another agency has taken over, we ask you to not sell our photos to the new agent. We recommend viewing the extended T&C's using the button on the right.

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